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About us

The Sir Gordon Tietjens Group was founded by Darren Blakeley and Sir Gordon Tietjens. Sir Gordon or Titch as he is also known, has built a reputation for toughness, honesty and integrity and above all else, his caring attitude. This is evident in everything he undertakes whether coaching, speaking or teaching, Titch cares that you understand, that you have received his information accurately and that you will go on and be a better coach, player or businessman.


Darren is an entrepreneur that has followed Titch through his career. As a businessman that succeeded in his chosen field, he has always been very interested in the inner workings of a successful coach especially of someone with the level of achievement of Sir Gordon.


Sir Gordon Tietjens Group offers coach certificates, academy partnership opportunities, SGT apparel and corporate workshops specialising in leadership, performance and culture.


If you want to shift to the next level of your playing or coaching or your career, please click here.

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