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Corporate Workshops

There is an intrinsic link enjoining sport and business. Throughout sport’s history successful individuals have transitioned to business in many industries. These individuals take with them a toolkit that has ready application in business. Business has embraced these individuals in many cases because of their success in team-ship, leadership and understanding the importance of culture and performance.

At SGT our leader Sir Gordon has spoken to many businesses and organisations on all of these issues. He has constantly been sought out by business leaders to share his expertise and experiences not only with groups within businesses but one to one with those same individuals. Why? Because he has an “X” factor many want to understand better, they want to get inside this champion’s mind.

Sir Gordon Tietjens Group Corporate Workshops bring X Factor training to your team and whether it is for leadership, performance or culture development let SGT bring it for you. If you would like to know more please click here.

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